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The Devil of Dating: A Devil Series Novella

The Devil of Dating: A Devil Series Novella
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Lucifer, the one and only Prince of Darkness, is feeling a little glum these days. When Dagon creates a dating site for the lost and depraved souls of Hell, he figures maybe finding a companion will cheer him up. Perhaps he'll find someone to love, even. Was true love attainable for the first of the Fallen?

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About the Book

Dating can be hell, even for the Devil

When you’re the Prince of Darkness, how do you find true love?

Aside from lacking in the love department, Luc is having difficulty maintaining Hell and desperately needs a vacation, but when you’re the type to take on everything yourself and don’t always delegate, bad things tend to happen. Like when the harpies escaped and nearly took out a small village, or when his dog got loose and took on the traits of its father, the guard dog from Hell. If Luc doesn’t get his life together soon, there will literally be hell to pay. Behind every semi-functional man is a great woman keeping his ass in line. Considering Hell’s state of affairs, solitary life hasn’t really worked out for him thus far. Luc needs a woman, and soon. Is true love even attainable for the first Fallen?

Badboy69Lonely Devil looking for a match made in Hell. Must love dogs…and play well with demons.

Seph keeps finding love in all the wrong places, and is tired of men breaking her heart. Joining a dating site wasn’t the brightest idea, but when she meets Luc, it seems as though the Universe finally grants her wish. She gets bad boy, hot, and powerful all rolled into one. Little does she know: Luc is the one and only Prince of Darkness.

26ProserpinaLonely Maiden looking for the king to her queen, to rule the world together.

Warning: strong language and sexual situations. I also may be messing with your theology, but I will do my best to suspend your disbelief in this fictional work. Please don’t take it to heart or think I’m making fun. As an atheist, I take religion quite seriously. Did I mention sexual situations? That means sex. In the book. Sometimes graphic. If that offends you, don’t buy the book. Please.

Also, there are cheesy jokes. If you don’t like laughing, don’t buy this book.

Mom, please don’t read this book! It has sex in it, and the devil. Sometimes sex with the devil…but whatever. Don’t read this!

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