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Dusk of Death: an Armen Leza, Demon Hunter novel (Book 1)

Dusk of Death: an Armen Leza, Demon Hunter novel (Book 1)
Series: The Armageddon Trilogy, Book 1
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Horror, Mystery/Thriller, Paranormal, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Tags: Amazon Kindle, angel, demon, demon hunter, paranormal, slayer
Publisher: Just Ink Press, LLC
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 88K
ISBN: 9780991621460

When Armen Leza fell from Hell, demon hunting was the last thing on her mind, but when all Hell breaks loose, this Fallen is humankind’s only hope for salvation.

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About the Book

Armen feels alone in her flesh. She can hear things unheard by humans, scent out the gut-churning stench of evil, and see the shades that lurk in the shadows, but if there is one thing she knows for certain, it’s that demons lie.

When her past keeps rearing its ugly head, Armen and Phoenix P.D. Detective Terry Armstrong must face an apocalyptic event that will throw this world into the Darkness forever, leaving the fate of all humanity in the hands of the malevolent. Getting the truth out of demons can be murder, and Armen must do so before they succeed in extinguishing the Light.

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