March 21

The 434 Revolution

434 front coverThe 434 Revolution

Eleven talented authors challenged with just one condition—tell ten stories in exactly 434 words each. Flash fiction in a streamlined package. Quick hitting pieces across several different genres designed to highlight the craft and art of modern storytelling. Names you may be familiar with, like R. MonaLeza, Corey Michael Smithson, Paul Grimsley, and Jinxie G, combined with some of the most promising artists—Michael Lawrence, Amy Kay, Ben Umstead, John P. Marentay, Broadie Thornton, Rob CL, and Angel Ashton—makes this an anthology you won’t want to miss.

In 2006, eleven gifted authors join a writer’s website, where meeting serendipitous, they meld magic with flash.

Today, it’s my intense pleasure to present the first from each of these authors within one volume.

Together at last

Broadie Thornton
R MonaLeza
Ben Umstead
Angel Ashton
Rob CL
Amy Kay
Michael Lawrence
Jinxie G
Paul Grimsley
Corey Michael Smithson
John P Marentay

Inhale these pages.
Learn. These. Names.
Each of their offerings
a seed.
The breath of a living giant.
Fruited fears,
secrets pouring
bits, each piece
inspired and tragic,
pulsing like a breakbeat,
dripping off hope,
flashing you its spirit.

Reader, be ready to catch it.

And now, the 434….

Hedra Helix


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