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Nemesis_100x150Prince Charming was a putz.

Prince Charming number two was even worse.

After the last prince ran off without any notice, breaking her heart and their engagement along the way, Nemesis Mussolini swore off men and passed the time kicking ass and slinging drinks, something her mafia father would never approve of. But, when her boss Clancy ups his flirtations, it’s difficult to remember she’s not interested, especially when he gets that delicious evil glint in his eye that has her melting. Just when Nemy starts to think all men might not be bad, she hears whispers about Clancy’s less than legal past, and wants to run like hell from the idea that he could be just like her father.

Great … Prince Charming number three may possibly be on FBI’s Most Wanted.

While Nemy and Clancy tumble down the romance road, hitting potholes every step of the way, Nemy discovers how much of her heart already belongs to Clancy, and how much of a Don’s daughter she really is. But she must learn to trust again. Can Nemy surrender in time to get her happily ever after, or is she hell-bent on letting her past keep her from the one man who could be her true Prince Charming?


Author: N.L. Gervasio


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Nemesis Full Cover final

Pages: 354
ISBN: 098329125X
ISBN 13: 978-0983291251
Price: $14.99

Available on: Amazon

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Praise for Nemesis: 4.0 out of 5 stars Nemesis, quite the girlfriend!, July 16, 2012 By Sue Smith This review is from: Nemesis (Kick-Ass Girls Club) (Kindle Edition)

This book is written in first person. There is no mystery as to how Nemesis thinks and feels about things. I like the fast paced bluntness. It adds punch to the tough girl image. I started this book and then somewhere in the third chapter had to put on my longest earrings, highest shoes, grab my husband’s arm, and go dance at the local hangout. It made me hungry to feel life! The female freedom is sexy. Gervasio does a good job of showing sexual freedom and personal vulnerability. I wouldn’t call this book erotica, but it is all adult. These ladies don’t collect lechers, don’t go to bed early, and don’t suffer fools and bimbos. Dance their tune or get out of their way! Maybe in the next book, we’ll see the dead body of some raping, brutal, jerk float down the river. I’ll be cheering!

Astounding – 4 stars (on Barnes and Noble)

NL Gervasio has a knack for well placed humor and action. Oh heck who am I kidding? Sarcasm is the primary language Nemy speaks, much to my delight. This ain’t your momma’s romance novel… Nemesis takes matters into her own hands to make sure Prince Charming doesn’t get too big of an ego. She is very much the modern woman needed to spice up the romance world. I cannot wait to read more from this series! ~ RC Murphy

5 stars on Smashwords

Although this is not my usual genre, sometimes it is nice to take a break from the SciFi and fantasy to check out something a bit more real.. And this one definitely hits the realism well. A decent romance novel with just a touch of action, Nemesis is an excellent look at modern romance with a touch of day-dream fantasy. Definitely a “chick book” guys can still enjoy.. Nemy might be looking for Prince Charming to beat up, but she is one damsel most men can really fall for without getting punched in the nose. ~ Grae Wolffe

5 stars on Smashwords

This was a type of book not in my normal routine. In fact, I’m not sure how I would classify it: Action-Romance? Chick-lit-Thriller? Gervasio herself calls it Contemporary Romance, so that’s what I’ll go with. Again, outside of my norm. The characters were well done, and completely believable as three-dimensional people. Anna “Nemesis” Mussolini is an Italian Mafia Princess bartender who can sling drinks and snark equal ease. She’s been burned too many times by love and has given up on men. Then she realizes that she has the hots for the boss she’s worked a year for, and does he have the hots for her too? Don’t come to this book expecting some shy, retiring violet for a heroine. Nemesis is a thoroughly modern woman who can go toe to toe and shot for shot with anyone. Gervasio did an excellent job with the details in this book, I could see everything happening before me. Listen up, Hollywood. Nemesis would make a great movie. And the best part is, this is only book one of the Kick-ass Girls Club. I can’t wait to see what Nemesis and the other girls in this club get up to. ~ WrytersblockDH